Important Info: Know These Types of Malware and Stay Protected

Computer threats have been around for decades. In fact, one of the first computer viruses was detected in the early 70s. Technology has come a long way since then, but so have online threats: Spyware, ransomware, virus, trojans, and all types of malware designed to wreak havoc. Here’s how different types of malware work and how you can avoid falling victim.

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Why Outsourcing IT Services for Small Business Owners is Beneficial

If you are a business owner, there is so much to gain from outsourcing your IT support services to a professionally managed IT company. Simply speaking, a managed IT services company is one that offers and manages multiple different IT services, from cloud based data protection to office 365 support. Each of them offers unique opportunities for your business.

Tips and Tricks for Avoiding IoT (Internet of Things) Threats

Internet of Things (IoT) devices have become more popular with businesses in recent years. This is largely because they can keep track of large amounts of information, analyze data patterns, and streamline business processes. But as you introduce more internet-connected devices into the office space, you may be exposing your business to attacks.

Modern technologies offer dozens of possibilities to measure productivity.

Measuring Productivity with Analytics

Microsoft’s MyAnalytics was designed for employees to monitor their individual performance. An updated version, Workplace Analytics, is a significant upgrade because it can be accessed by managers. It not only provides managers with insight into an individual employee’s performance, but it also helps them plan and create strategies around increasing productivity...

Interview: Technologies and Threats

I’ve recently been invited to the interview of the greatest programmer of all times, James Peterson, who founded a small IT company in 2005 and then developed it to become the biggest international IT security enterprise that ever existed. The interview was aired on Business1 FM last Saturday. In this article, James answered a few questions about his company.

The Importance of Web Maintenance Services

Regardless of how impressive your website is

If you can’t run regular web maintenance, there is a great chance that its function will slow down and this will result in fewer website visitors. With regular maintenance, you are assured that your website is running smoothly just like how you want it and you can also provide great user-experience to your visitors. With regular maintenance, you are assured that every visitor will get the best experience from using your website.

There are a lot of things that are included in the maintenance services that you can get for your website. The main services that are provided are bug fixing and also conducting backups on the contents of your website.

Why Opt for a Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is more importance today

It is given that more people nowadays are accessing different websites online from their mobile devices. However, there are some websites that are not responsive enough for these needs, which results in their page not loading properly on these devices. This is the main reason why a responsive web design is now given more importance today.

If you are just about to open your website, it is best that you immediately opt for a responsive web design instead of sticking to a design that is only responsive to desktop users. You see, you can ask your web designer to focus on a graphic design that is responsive to both desktop and mobile device users to guarantee visitors that your site is user-friendly.

What is Web Hosting?

Put your website content on the Internet

Basically, web hosting refers to is where your website will be placed on the Internet. Web hosting is a lot like you sending people your files so they can see them. In this case, your files are put in a website URL where anybody can view your files.

Web hosting is important as this is how you can put all your website content on the Internet. This way, you can ‘host’ your files online so that other people can easily access them. Sharing content is completely easy thanks to web hosting, but this, however, is not free.

Tips to Consider for an Effective Marketing

Boost Your Web Marketing

Marketing is a highly-recommended and proven effective way of fueling the growth of a business. It may be crucial and somehow complicated at some point, but it still guarantees the best results. Marketing also makes way for more improvement in any aspect comprising the business. It plays an important role that no business can survive without it.

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Thank you for such an informative article! It’s useful to know how to protect a corporate or small business network especially when you can’t afford a cybersecurity expert.

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